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Hot Jewelry Trends for 2019

By Dusty Roberts February 24, 2019 0 comments

Everyone loves to show off a bit. Even the most humble of people have a few items of personal jewelry that shows off their unique taste and style. If you’re a fan of jewelry and want to keep up with the newest trends, it can be difficult. How are you supposed to know what’s popular and what’s in fashion? Today we’re helping to show you the best new jewelry trends for 2019.

Best New Jewelry Trends for 2019

Starburst Signet Rings

The dainty, thin ring has become something of an archaic look. Modern jewelry trends are moving more toward larger, more impressive signet-style rings. There are many styles that are favored for these styles of rings, but a big one is the starburst.

No, not the sweet candy. By starburst we mean the pattern, a star-shaped explosion in the center of the ring. Typically the center of the starburst includes a diamond or some other precious stone. The cut-out pattern of the star tends to catch light in a very appealing way, making these rings great conversation starters.


The large, flashy-style collars made from various precious metals are another major trend in 2019’s jewelry space. Collars, which are typically wide and eye-catching, can be a bit expensive, but they make a huge impact on your outfits.

If you’ve ever wished you had a big accessory to tie your outfit together, collars are what you’re looking for. When paired with an elegant dress or a nice outfit, they can make you look like royalty.

Three-Stone Engagement Rings

Engagement rings have largely been considered single-stone rings with simple bands. However, that old look is considered outdated in the modern era. The 2019 trend is angling more towards three-stone engagement rings. The three-stone look is a very eye-catching ring that will really turn heads.

If you’ve been thinking about getting engaged soon, consider a three-stone ring. Some versions of the ring have three equal-sized stones, each one commanding respect. Other versions, however, have one large stone and two smaller stones flanking it. Either way, this is a very modern and fashionable style of ring.

Floral Earrings

Floral-style earrings are a very popular jewelry style among women in today’s fashion space. Modern tools for creating jewelry allow for incredibly intricate designs to be produced at a very affordable price. These intricate designs in particular are quite stunning.

The floral-style earrings often appear as chains of flowers in a cascading pattern. Other versions incorporate vines, leaves, petals and other effects to bring it together. The center of the flowers are often capped with pearls, making the flashy earrings quite the statement.

Ear Stacks

Another popular jewelry trend is also a piercing trend. Ear stacks are a very 2019 look. They involve stacks of a lot of earrings along the outside of the earlobe. The stacks of piercing climbing up along the ear can add a level of escalation to an outfit.

If you synchronize your ear-stack of piercings with your outfit you can create a very cool ascending look. The ascending appearance can mirror your outfit’s colors, or simply accentuate your makeup or other jewelry. In any event, the ear stack is a very modern jewelry trend that is sure to turn heads.

Ear Huggers

Ear huggers are tight-hoop earrings that tend to have a broad, sweeping look. The ear hugger look is defined by the broad surface that is able to show off various precious stones. Many modern ear huggers opt to include diamonds along their surface, usually bracketed by gold or another precious metal.

The ear hugger style of earring is a great companion to a sporty, fast-paced look. If you don’t want a big, dangling piece of jewelry hanging from your earlobe but still want to make a jewelry statement, this is how. The best part about the ear hugger is that it can show off your style while also staying practical.

Faceted Gem Rings

Large jewelry is way in right now. Large-faced, faceted gem rings are another show-stopping piece of jewelry that can be worn with a number of outfits. If you’re a fan of eye-catching jewelry, it’s good to know that you can wear it even on your hands and still be fashionable.

The stones that are in at the moment include rubies, sapphires and emeralds. Large, multi-faceted stones in simple bands make a gorgeous dichotomy that reminds the onlooker that sometimes simple things are beautiful. You can’t go wrong in 2019 with a faceted gem ring.

Charm Rings

For the more spiritual, charm rings with various zodiac and tarot symbols are considered highly fashionable. While in prior years more occult symbols were considered esoteric, they’re now quite fashionable. Alchemical and occult symbols, like moons, stars and ouroboros, have been featured more and more in modern jewelry.

Rainbow Patterns

In 2018 the rainbow palette became a very recognizable and modern jewelry trend. From the runway to various famous rappers, the rainbow aesthetic is in. Examples include necklaces with complex jewel patterns that cycle through the rainbow.

Another favorite is collars with a stone from each color of the rainbow across the front face. These come across as upbeat, classy, fun and likable while also looking like high-fashion jewelry. These styles will be especially popular by the summertime, so now’s a great time to get ahead of the curve with your fashion.

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